HealthKOS™ simplifies patient engagement driving better quality of care and reducing costs

Connecting patients, healthcare professionals and families to improve quality of care
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HealthKOS™ is a powerful use of technology that's simple and easy to use

What We Do

HealthKOS™ is an end-to-end solution that was developed by doctors to improve patient engagement, compliance and outcomes. HealthKOS will provide direct savings to the physician and healthcare organizations both in time and money as well as improving patient outcomes.

What makes HealthKOS different is that it utilizes automated algorithms, real-time data, and quality metrics to involve patients in their own care, as well as keeping healthcare providers and family constantly informed. HealthKOS allows the healthcare team to monitor patient progress outside the practice office, leading to timely interventions, preventing disease progression and unnecessary hospitalizations. HealthKOS is an easy to use platform that integrates with other systems that may be in place.

The HealthKOS platform takes a holistic approach, effectively becoming the primary enabler of communication between patients and healthcare organizations. It will have a positive impact on the health and wellness of the population, reducing the overall rate of hospitalization and ultimately driving down the cost of healthcare.

Our Mission: 

Connecting patients, healthcare professionals and families to improve the quality of care.

HealthKOSTM is a dynamic way to engage
patients in their care given its flexibility and
compatibility with your current systems


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